Being a mother of five boys, I quickly became used to several things whenever we were out in public:

The Stare.
The turning of heads everywhere we walked, followed by the raised eyebrows (whether in admiration, disapproval or shock, it was hard to tell at times). If they were close-by or felt confident enough to ask, it would usually follow with…

The Question.
“Are they all yours??” To which I would reply, yes they are. Then that was usually followed by, “Are you trying for a girl?”
Sometimes I wasn’t sure how to answer this question – if I replied yes, it sounded like I was ungrateful for my boys. If I replied no, then I just happened to look like some crazy woman who loved to have child after child just for the sake of filling up a minivan.

The Look of Sympathy.
This was usually offered by those who had a pigeon-pair (boy and girl) or a mixture of boys and girls in their family. Or by those who had one or two boys and couldn’t even imagine what life was like with FIVE boisterous young lads keeping them busy.
I quite liked the line, “Don’t worry, keep trying. You’ll get your girl one day,” as if she was shipped to the wrong address and customer service weren’t replying to my emails.

The Look of Longing.
It’s funny, isn’t it? As much as we try not to, sometimes we just can’t help longing for what we do not have. People who had only girls would look so longingly at me with my rugby team of boys trailing behind me and hoped that they would one day get to experience the same, while I gazed longingly at their brood of girls with their pigtails.
I, too, would then proceed to ensure them that their mail order would soon reach them after the backlog of undelivered packages was cleared. Just keep trying.

None of my boys were planned (actually, none of my six kids were planned!). But what blessings they have each been to our family.

Whenever I was asked, “What is it like being the only girl in a house full of boys?” that’s when it would usually take me a while to answer. Because I found that there were many upsides and downsides to living in a male-dominated home.

Being the only girl, I was lavished with tonnes of attention from all my boys. I was spoiled with massages, grubby kisses and bear hugs! And I still am! 🙂 I feel like a Queen.

I also found that when we were getting ready to go out, I had more time to spend on getting myself ready. No long hair to brush and braid, clothes didn’t need to match as much (chuck together a shirt and some pants – good to go!) and once the boys were old enough to get themselves ready, I had even more time for curling my afro.

Then as the boys got older, my husband’s clothing and shoes were starting to go missing and turning up in the boys rooms.  I’ll cherish the fact that my heels and clothes are safe – for now!

My thirteen year old is already taller than me. I envision the day when all my boys are towering over me and wrapping me up in giant bear hugs! My five protectors.

Downside to living with heaps of boys? Do you know how much one boy eats? Now multiply that by SIX! (including hubby). Enough said.

I have such a special bond with my boys. I love how each of them have their own distinct personalities, but yet are also similar in ways.  I love the way they surprise me with a spontaneous kiss on the cheek and a “Love you, Mum”.
Yes, I can’t stand the way they bicker with one another constantly, but I love the way they have each others back.

When they’ve scraped their knees, or gotten into some sort of trouble, I’m the first one they come running to for consolation. I am their comfort. Their first-responder. I am their safe-place, no matter how old or big they are.
I love how they can approach me with their issues and worries. I try so hard to make sure I keep the lines of communication open between my boys and I. ESPECIALLY because they’re boys! Some boys aren’t as expressive or open as girls. And that’s what scares me.
So one of my top priorities is to make sure they know I’m always here for them, no matter what.

I love having five boys! It’s an awesome feeling, stepping out with my five young men in tow. Yes, my heart longed for the day I could sit and braid my daughters hair, or play dress ups and dolls…

But I seriously couldn’t imagine life without them. Until they’re all married and I’m a mother-in-law to five future spouses….

But that’s another journal altogether! Lol.

For now, they’ll always be Mummy’s boys 🙂





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